Studio Chat 2023.12.01—The Power of Reflection and Negative Space

Welcome to another studio chat, where I invite you into my studio to take a little break and share some thoughts about how art and art-making enhance our lives (and vice-versa). 

This month, I’m reflecting on my recent art and art-related projects, and exploring the power of negative space to enhance the impact of paintings and allow room for something new and invigorating to enter our lives. 

Next week we take up Abha Rajan’s question on creating depth in a painting, and discuss the challenge of creating a believable illusion of depth and shadows, especially on pink, yellow and orange objects. The reference photo is a royalty-free photo from Pixabay. The photo and Abha’s first draft are in last week’s post if you want to give it a try yourself to really appreciate the challenge. 

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