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If you have a website problem to report . . .

Please, please let me know

  • exactly what you were trying to do when the problem occurred (as well as you can recall)
  • what make and model of computer (or mobile device) you are using
  • what operating system (and version)
  • what browser or browsers you have tried (and what versions)

In many cases, a “website problem” is not actually on the website, it’s a problem with communication between the website and the hardware, the operating system, or the browser you’re using. To fix the problem, I need to figure out which elements are involved. There are literally thousands of possible combinations of computers, devices, operating systems and browsers. I won’t have most of them at my house, so I may not be able to see the same problem you are seeing. Usually, the only hope of help is to ask tech support for the computers, operating systems and browsers, to see if they know why a website might have trouble communicating and know how to fix the problem. I can’t get that help unless I can give tech support very specific information about what you are using when you see the problem.