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Self-Guided Courses

Self-Guided Courses Have Moved

To reduce the load on the server and—we hope!—eliminate the problems people were having getting signed in, we have moved the online courses to a new site just for the online courses.

I have tried to make it look and work almost like a part of this site, with all the same links back to articles and videos that are still here.

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You can access all your current courses from from the new course site using the button below.

Small Group Coaching

On pause while I work on some new self-guided video courses.


On pause while I work on some new self-guided courses for times when a scheduled class doesn’t fit your schedule

Yes! I know you’ve been waiting a looooooooong time for help sessions, live demos, Zoom classes and especially, these new self-guided courses. I’m working as fast as I can. These courses turned out to be more complicated to create than I’d hoped!

One-on-One Learning (Coaching)

Coaching Might Be Right for You If —

  • you’re struggling with a persistent technical issue (streaky washes, muddy colors, how to reserve lights, etc.)
  • you need help planning your paintings or evaluating work in progress
  • you’re not satisfied with the paintings you’re creating, but you’re not sure what to do differently
  • you want to discover and develop your own authentic creative vision and style

I coach planning and creative development with artists working in any medium, although I can only provide technical assistance with watermedia (acrylics, casein, watercolor, gouache, egg tempera, inks).

One-on-one coaching is a premium experience. I want to make sure each one-on-one student has ready access and my full energy and attention. Space is limited. I screen new students to make sure there is a good match between your coaching goals and my areas of expertise.

Contact me here to describe your coaching goals and inquire about availability.

FAQs about coaching:

A. A 75-minute video conference is $50. This includes a video recording of your session for you to download and keep.

A. A computer with a camera and microphone, or a smartphone or tablet. You’ll also need a fast-enough internet connection to participate in a Zoom call. You can do a Zoom test call here.

A. No worries! Most people simply text or email me some photos before or during our meeting.

A. This is one thing I really can’t fix, sorry. (If it’s just a temporary slowdown or outage (electricity or internet) on either end, we’ll communicate by text or email and simply reschedule.)

A. If your needs are being met by group classes or online courses, keep using them!

One-on-one coaching is focused, personalized instruction for those times when you can’t find what you need in a one-size-fits-all type of class.

75 minutes, one-on-one, packs in a lot more information relevant to you and your art than you get in a group class. Most people schedule coaching every other week or once a month. You’ll need time to unpack and absorb everything!

A. Yes, you may share with up to two others, but one of you must take for “hosting”. The host handles scheduling and payment for the session (you figure out any payment-sharing among yourselves). The host also takes responsibility for relaying Zoom information and recording links to the other participants.

Contact me here to describe your coaching goals and inquire about availability.