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Self-Paced Courses

Please note: I am no longer able to offer Watercolor Jumpstart and Watercolor Skies and Clouds as free courses. The costs of the necessary video hosting and upgraded website services to handle the number of users in these courses have increased dramatically in the past several years. I can no longer underwrite all these costs myself, so I am asking that course users contribute a small amount to help keep these courses accessible. (Course access is for one year from purchase.)


Introduction to Keeping a Studio Journal

This free course is for anyone who is curious about keeping a studio journal to develop their personal creative style and voice, or explore and deepen their own creative potential. It consists of the first three lessons of the full course (Your Studio Journal), enough to get you started with a studio journalling practice for free.


Watercolor Skies & Clouds

Learn to paint skies with soft wet-into-wet effects by a slow development of multiple layers. The method you will learn in this course allows more control, without overworking. Then practice your new skills in context as you complete two dramatic watercolor sky paintings. PLEASE NOTE: The techniques in this course are intended for stretched paper. How to stretch paper is covered in the course. These techniques will not give good results on unstretched paper.


Your Studio Journal — 30 Days to Discover Your Unique Artistic Vision and Style

Learn to use your sketchbook or journal to explore your unique artistic goals and style. 30 modules with thought-provoking questions, creativity-building activities and artist-to-artist encouragement.

watercolor painting of three marbles in the sunlight

Watercolor Jumpstart

Watercolor Jumpstart is a self-guided beginner watercolor course. Learn fundamental watercolor skills as you do six fun and easy projects.