Another New Watercolor Jumpstart Video—Bowl and Lemons

Here’s another little project from the Watercolor Jumpstart class. The main purpose of this exercise is to practice connecting “things” into larger shapes using washes that connect several shapes into one larger shape even when the shapes are different colors!

In this activity, we practice painting one large wash over the entire silhouette of the bowl, the two lemons and their shadows, allowing the colors to mingle where the shapes overlap. Rather than being the disaster you might think, allowing this mingling actually helps create a sense of reflected light and works to our advantage. We use smaller washes layered on top of our overall wash to show parts of the edges of objects and help separate them and create a sense of depth.

In this project, you will also get a chance to practice softening edges (both while they are wet and after they dry) and lifting soft highlights (thirsty brush, blotting with towel and after the wash is dry).

>h4>Connecting “Things” Into Larger Shapes with Multi-Colored Washes (The Bowl and Lemons Project)

Download Reference Photo for Bowl and Lemons Project