Watercolor Jumpstart is my free self-guided beginner watercolor course.

This course covers:

  • what supplies you need to get started learning watercolor (and how you can save money and learn faster by waiting to add other items later!)
  • basic watercolor terminology, to help you understand other books and videos you are using to learn about watercolor
  • fundamental watercolor skills such as laying washes, blending mixing colors, lift and reserving lights and create soft edges
  • tips on how to work with watercolor and exploit the things it naturally does well

Each section includes several lesson videos that teach one skill at a time, so you can learn quickly without becoming overwhelmed, and then concludes with a fun little project so you can practice your new skills in the context of a simple painting. 

Quick Links to the Course Projects

(Scroll down for full project and lesson outline at the bottom of the page.)

The projects are intended to be done in order. If you have some experience, feel free to start in the middle–just keep in mind that lessons in an earlier project are there to help you if you run into trouble.

Course Content

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