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Tiny fourth layer—the darkest shadows at the base of the pears and the stem on the pear in front.

Paint Shapes, Not “Things”

Want your paintings to look unified? It helps to combine “things” into larger shapes, and then use smaller shapes to (partially) separate them. Here’s an exercise to help you practice. First, set up a still life with a couple of simple objects. Avoid anything that has a lot of pattern, texture, reflections or complicated edges—you […]
One example of using the mandala template in this article.

New Watercolor Mandala Template

I know some of you enjoy using the templates I create for my Watercolor Prayer/Meditation Mandala Mini-Retreats. I created a new one that was very popular at the last mini-retreat, so I decided to share it with you here. This one has some larger open areas for you to add shapes, lettering or images of […]
Bowl and lemons demo painting.

Another New Watercolor Jumpstart Video—Bowl and Lemons

Here’s another little project from the Watercolor Jumpstart class. The main purpose of this exercise is to practice connecting “things” into larger shapes using washes that connect several shapes into one larger shape even when the shapes are different colors! In this activity, we practice painting one large wash over the entire silhouette of the […]

New Beginning Watercolor Videos–Intro to Washes and Glazing

I’ve added a few new videos to the Watercolor Jumpstart Series. To make it easier to find them later, they’re also available on the new “How-To Videos” page, which you can find in the menu bar at the top of my website, and on the Watercolor Jumpstart class page under the “Classes” link in the […]
Hummingbird watercolor brush drawing

Watercolor How-To Videos

To make it easier for you to find my various how-to videos and other how-to information, I’ve collected the videos in this post, and added a “How-to” link to the top menu of my website where you can find how-to articles on topics such as caring for your watercolor brushes, presenting your watercolors without glass […]
Color swatching for the series I'm working on.

Colorful Thoughts

Having recently accepted an invitation to fill a last-minute gap in the show calendar at Hudson Hospital, I’m in the “final countdown” phase of prepping for a show. No matter how diligent and organized I am, I seem to always require a final frenzy of activity to bring everything together in the last 3-4 weeks […]