Watercolor Skies & Clouds

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Learn to paint skies with soft wet-into-wet effects by a slow development of multiple layers. The method you will learn in this course allows more control, without overworking. Then practice your new skills in context as you complete two dramatic watercolor sky paintings.

What Will I Learn?

  • how to use multiple washes to deal with one difficulty at a time, without overworking
  • how to keep your skies looking fresh and luminous, while keeping more control over over placement, colors and values
  • how to paint complex soft skies and clouds in layers so you can have more control—and calm—than the traditional way of doing the sky in one session

Is This Course Right for Me?

This course is for watercolor painters with some experience working at quarter-sheet size or larger. You MUST stretch your paper and work at least quarter-sheet or larger to have a good learning experience with the techniques in this course.

The process used in this course is NOT suitable for

  • unstretched paper
  • blocks
  • plein air painting
  • student-grade paper (paper that is not 100% cotton)