Update on the “Giant Painting”

Here’s where things stood last time:

Large watercolor in the Currents & Eddies series by Lynne Baur, in progress.
After the first 6 hours of work.

And now:

Large watercolor in progress.
After another 10 hours or so. Doesn’t look much different yet, does it?









Doesn’t look much different yet, does it? At this stage, I tread softly, slowly “carving” into the whites and lights so I don’t lose the freshness of the washes. You can probably see some of the “underwater” elements I’ve begun to add—pebbles and a mussel shell—and maybe some of the color adjustments I’m making with pale glazes.

I photograph the work as I go, to help me view it “from a distance”. This is especially helpful with large pieces like this. I’d need a studio the size of a ballroom to step back far enough from this one!

This lets me more easily see things that I want to start adjusting. See the white shape pointing out of the painting on the right side? That’s an example of a shape that is breaking the calm flow I want to have in the piece, so I’ll be working on adjusting that shape to quiet it down and redirect it.


Soon, I will have to make a decision about exactly where I will split the piece into the three panels it will become in the end. The challenge is to make each panel a painting in its own right, but still have the three panels work as a single piece of art. It’s always a bit nerve-wracking to actually make the cuts to separate the three panels!

Stay tuned to see how it develops over the next week. 🙂

Did you miss the video showing how I started this piece? You can see it here. 

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