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Find a video or article about a topic of interest

    Check out Self-Guided Courses and Collections on the Learn Page

    To search all videos and articles on the site:


    • click the “magnifying glass” icon in the navigation header.
    • enter the title or topic (or as much as you can remember).
    • hit the Enter or Return key to start searching.


    Find a handout or template mentioned in a video

    Get a supply list for a course or class

    Supply lists for Zoom classes will be emailed to participants a few days before the start of class.

    Recommended supplies for—

    Ask a question about or get help with a free course or video.

    There are thousands of you and only one of me! It’s no longer possible for me to reply individually to questions, requests and comments about free self-study materials.

    Here are some options for getting help:

    • If you are looking for a handout or template, please go back to the second item on this Help page.
    • Check the How-to Topic Index to see if the answer to your question is already available in another video or article.
    • Add a question to the Question Queue. I use this to help me decide topics for new videos and where the website needs additional material (no guarantees on how fast that happens until I figure out how to clone myself!).
    • Check the list of upcoming classes to see if there is a class coming up on your topic of interest.
    • Sign up for a small-group help session. Each participant gets a half-hour to get help with a project or ask as many questions as we can cover in 30 minutes. 🙂

    Get recommendations about choosing watercolor supplies

    Get personalized help choosing watercolor supplies and materials

    Small-group help sessions are a great opportunity to get individual help choosing the right supplies for your watercolor journey. I can help you with questions like

    • what brushes should I consider adding?
    • what palette and colors should I choose for travel sketching?
    • how do I use masking fluid effectively?
    • what’s gum arabic for, and do I need to buy it?

    Many people use small-group coaching sessions to get help planning or improving paintings, but you can also use all or part of your half-hour to ask about supplies.


    Get personalized help with a pesky problem or help planning or improving a watercolor.

    Small-group help sessions are a great opportunity to get individual help with

    • a technical challenge (streaky washes, pale color, trouble with landscape greens, mixing greys, painting specific subjects etc.)


    • help planning a watercolor you’d like to paint or improving a watercolor in progress

    Small-group coaching is

    • typically offered once a week
    • sessions are limited to 6 students
    • each student receives a half-hour of attention on their questions and work
    • students can listen and learn from each other’s questions

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