More Tips for a Consistent Sketching Practice—Don’t Try to Do It All! (at once)

I’ve made many, many resolutions to establish a consistent sketching practice. And failed many times, too! I know I’m not the only one who’s aspired to create those wonderful little travelogues (or gardening or cooking or hiking sketchbooks) where the entire sketchbook is a whole little work of art to share with friends, or as a cherished memento for myself. And I also know I’m not the only one to give up in discouragement after creating several pretty nice sketches, and then some stinkers that basically ruin the whole sketchbook.

But it’s a big leap from just getting started sketching on location to being able to fill a whole sketchbook without making any bad sketches!

Here are some ideas for how to really enjoy sketching on location right now, with the skills you have right now, and still build toward that beautiful “sketchbook as a work of art” you aspire to create someday.

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