One-on-One Coaching

Coaching Might Be Right for You If —

  • you’re struggling with a persistent technical issue like streaky washes, muddy colors, reserving lights, or negative painting
  • you need help with choosing suitable techniques for a painting or planning the painting sequence
  • you’re not sure how to make the transition from “copyist” to developing more personal, expressive paintings
  • everyone tells you “you’re SO talented!”, but you’re not satisfied with the paintings you’ve been doing and aren’t sure what the problem might be
  • you want to discover and develop your authentic creative vision and style

Interested? I take new coaching clients as space becomes available. Contact me to describe your coaching goals and inquire about availability.

I coach planning and creative development with artists working in any medium, although I can only provide technical assistance with watermedia (acrylics, casein, watercolor, gouache and egg tempera).

NOTE: Small group coaching is also available. Please see the Classes & Workshops page for dates and times of small group coaching sessions.

FAQs about coaching:

Q. What does it cost?

A. A  50-minute video conference is $50. This includes a video recording of your session for you to download and keep.

Q. How does it work?


A. A day or so before your scheduled session, you email questions or topics you want to cover, along with any photos you want to discuss (of paintings in progress, or references and sketches to use in planning)

Your session may include

  • live video demonstrations, using a second camera on my work table
  • strategic questions to help you develop your planning process or personal vision
  • digital “painting” on a photo of your painting in progress to help you visualize possible changes
  • help figuring out which techniques and painting sequence might work best for a planned painting
  • help evaluating paintings you’re not completely happy with to figure out why, and what to do about it

If you have the right equipment, I can also watch you work and try to help you diagnose problems with things like laying washes, softening edges, negative painting, color mixing and brush technique.  I share some ways to do this with a smartphone or tablet here.

Within 48 hours after your session, I will send you a link to the video recording of your session and any photos we “painted” on.


Q. What equipment do I need?


A. You can use a computer that has a camera and microphone, or a smartphone, or a tablet. You’ll also need a fast-enough internet connection to participate in a Zoom call. You can do a Zoom test call here. If you wish, there are also several easy, inexpensive ways for you to set up a camera or smartphone so I can watch you work.  You can learn more about some options here

Q. What if my internet connection is too slow?

A. This is one thing I can’t really fix, sorry. (I do have a refund/reschedule policy in case of a temporary slowdown or outage during a scheduled session.)

Q. Why is coaching so expensive? I can take a six-week class (or a whole online course) at my local community college for that much.

A. If your needs are being met by group classes at your local arts center or community college, then by all means, go there! You’ll save money, meet other watercolorists and get plugged into your local arts community. 

If there are no group classes in your area, you might want to consider a Zoom class. And of course, there are many, many other excellent online learning resources.  Skillshare and Artists’ Network TV are two places to check out. 

Coaching is intended to be focused, personalized instruction for those times when group classes aren’t working for you, you need help with planning and developing ideas for your own paintings, or can’t find what you need in a one-size-fits-all type of class. 

Fifty minutes one-on-one packs in a lot more information relevant to you than 50 minutes in a group class.  Most of the time, if you weren’t able to figure something out on your own or with group or online classes, it means you’re working on something that requires both knowledge AND practice. It will usually take a while to “unpack” everything you learn in a coaching session and really make it your own.  Most people schedule coaching only occasionally, and rarely more than every other week or once a month (unless you’re really gung-ho and have ample time to paint between sessions!).

Q. Can I share a lesson with a friend or friends?

Yes, with up to two others, but one of you must take responsibility for “hosting”. The host schedules and pays for the session (you figure out any payment sharing among yourselves) and  takes responsibility for relaying Zoom information and recording links to the other participants. 

Interested? I take new coaching clients as space becomes available. Contact me to describe your coaching goals and inquire about availability.