Apr 2019: Fifty Shades of Grey—The G-Rated Version

Do your shadows look like cardboard cutouts or dull, lifeless holes? Do you struggle with creating believable neutrals for things like tree trunks, rocks or weathered buildings? Do your clouds look like aerial dust bunnies?

Mixing your own greys can help you achieve lively shadows, believable neutrals and airy, light-filled clouds. And it’s also a great way to learn to easily and intuitively mix colors across the entire spectrum, because it quickly fine-tunes your ability to recognize direct complements.

I’ll be demonstrating some of my favorite mixtures for grey, including a secret for mixing greys to create a sense of warm light glowing behind the edges of clouds. Bring your questions about greys and shadows and neutrals—and a favorite combo for mixing grey to share, if you like.

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