Hi Dragonflies!

Planned website outage tomorrow (Sat, Mar 5)

Just a note to inform you of a planned website outage for maintenance tomorrow morning starting at 8:30 am PST. I expect the site to be unavailable for about an hour.

We are attempting to correct the recent problems with logging in or signing up for the online courses. The new course management system requires sign-in so it can keep track of who is in what course. After several weeks of working with both the software developer and tech support at my website hosting service, the tech folks have concluded that it might actually be a server issue that's causing the login problems, so they are going to move our site to a new server tomorrow morning at 8:30 am PST.

Assuming this corrects the problem, I'll be able to get back to building the course and lesson pages for a couple of new courses instead of spending all my time trouble-shooting website problems. Cross your fingers!

And they say watercolor is hard . . . :)
Hope your current creative endeavors involve less tech, more brushes and a lot more fun!
Happy painting!
P.S. Sadly, it will still be at least several more weeks before any new courses appear. We will need to do some testing to make certain the move has corrected the problem. And then it takes a few weeks to build the course and lesson pages to deliver each course.
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