Hi Dragonflies!

Hope you're enjoying seeing me mess up and start over—repeatedly!—with the lighthouse painting. :) (See, you're not the only one!)

I also messed up and left out an important announcement from this week's newsletter:

The "Self-Guided Courses" Portion of the Learn page on the website will be down tomorrow (Monday, Feb 21) for system updates.

You can still watch the course videos from Watercolor Jumpstart and Watercolor Skies and Clouds 1 by going to the playlists on YouTube:

Watercolor Jumpstart Playlist

Watercolor Skies and Clouds 1 Playlist

However, the templates, handouts and reference photos will be unavailable for a little while. If there is something from one of these courses you intend to work on tomorrow, you might want to download the templates or handouts today.

Things should be back to normal—I hope!—by tomorrow evening. Please let me know if something isn't working properly for you after the update.

One tip for misbehaving websites: Some browsers keep copies of pages you're visited recently instead of always loading the page from the website. This can cause weird behavior when pages have been updated. Sometimes, you just need to clear your browser cache and reload the page to get things working properly. Please try that first. If that is the reason for the problem, I can't fix it—or even see it—on my end. (If you don't know how to clear your browser cache, please Google it.) This is a good tip for any website that's not behaving, not just mine!

(And for those of you now swearing at me . . . )
Why do you keep changing the dang website? We just got used to the last update! Leave it alone! . . .

I would love to leave it alone. There are quite a few pieces of software and subscription services that need to be pasted together behind the scenes to give the website all the functions it needs to provide video courses for you.

The companies that make this software know that the real money is providing services to BIG companies, so they keep "improving" things. Sometimes they take away a function we need to replace it with something big companies want more. Sometimes their software no longer cooperates with one of the other services we use. That often causes a domino effect, forcing me to change several other things.

This year, I need to change about half of the software behind the scenes. I'm doing my best to keep it looking and working pretty much the same on your end, but some visible changes are unavoidable.

I appreciate your patience and understanding with my inept IT department (me!). And please do let me know if you have any problems after the update.

(If you do have a problem, it helps a LOT of you can tell me the specific page where you had a problem (a screenshot can help), and what kind of device, operating system and browser you are using, like this: "I'm using a Lenovo Yoga 6 running Windows 11 and Chrome version 97" or "I'm using an iPad running iPadOS 15.2 and Safari.")

Working in Drafts to Paint the Lighthouse

Learn a more free form approach to planning as we complete the lighthouse painting we designed in the latest series of videos.

Read more and watch the video
Working in Drafts to Paint the Lighthouse
Happy painting!
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