Sketch of man reading at a coffee shop.

Learning to Draw Live Subjects — A Resource

Some of you recently mentioned interest in learning to draw people in live settings. While I was on Roz Stendahl’s blog today looking up info on sketching groups, I happened to notice that she’s offering an online class (starting Jul 24) on drawing live subjects (people and animals). Check it out! Roz has TONS of […]
Outdoor Products collapsible silicone rubber camping cup and bowl.

I Found the Collapsible Cup!

Many of you have asked about the little collapsible cup I carry with my sketching stuff. I finally found it on Amazon, so now you can have one, too! The exact one I have seems to only come in a set with a bowl, but there are quite a few other silicone rubber collapsible camping […]
Sketchers by the pond at Como Conservatory.

9 Tips for Better Sketches (and More Fun!)

Yesterday, 12 intrepid sketchers from the Watercolor Minimalist class at Wet Paint descended on Como Conservatory determined to learn some tips and tricks for sketching on location in a short amount of time and with minimal stuff. It was a gorgeous day, there were beautiful subjects all around us, restrooms and cafe nearby, and not […]
"Light Spills Down Your Wings", watercolor and acrylic on paper, 16x20", dragonfly painting by Lynne Baur

New Blue Dragonfly!

The big remodel is done (except for some minor cosmetic details I’m giving myself permission to ignore for now), my supplies are mostly unpacked, and I’m back to painting. It feels soooo good to be painting dragonflies instead of walls! You may recall seeing this one at an earlier stage. Just for fun, here’s a […]
Sketchbook page.

Summer Painting Fun with Your Dragonfly Pals

I no longer try to offer ongoing classes in the summer—everyone is just too busy with weddings, graduations and travel. Instead, I have a few short classes, and a number of fun social events to keep you connected with other painters and your own painting goals. Summer Class “Save-the-Date” Info I have a lot of […]
Studio sink and cabinets installed.

Getting Close!

Remember this? Last time I managed to squeeze in a few moments for a newsletter, I was working on building this sink base cabinet in the studio bathroom. Ta-daaaa! Here’s that same cabinet, all finished! Not having any prior woodworking experience, I was ridiculously pleased with myself over how this project turned out. (Here it […]
sink base cabinet

My Current Work-in-Progress

So, where has the newsletter been? I made a decision a few weeks ago that I needed to really focus on finishing a BIG project that I’ve had going for a year and a half. As most of you know, I bought a house a little more than a year and a half ago that […]