Watermedia on silk, currently untitled, 6x8", ©2012 Lynne Baur

More Watermedia on Silk

Here’s another little watermedia painting on silk, just finished today. This one’s just 6×8″. No title yet, ideas welcome! (Click on the image to see a larger version).
"Sal's Blues", watermedia on silk, 8x10", © Lynne Baur 2012

“Sal’s Blues”

Another of my new mixed watermedia on silk paintings. The blues in this painting remind me of my dear friend Sal, and her passion for blue. If you know Sal, you know these are not those sorts of blues. These blues are bright, sunny and exuberant, just like Sal. (Click on the image to read more and to see a larger version.)
My Honda CBR250R motorcycle, doing double-duty as a field easel.

Plein Air Time

This spring, I learned to ride a motorcycle, to the dismay of my mom, and the delight of my husband and many of my friends.. Turns out a motorcycle is a really great way to sketch on location. And, once on location, it doubles as a field easel! (click on the image to read more)
Mini-classroom in my studio for classes and workshops with 3-4 students.

Mini-Classroom is Ready!

Mini-workshops are so much fun! The new mini-classroom at Dragonfly Spirit Studio is all ready for a custom mini-workshop or lesson for you and a 2 or 3 of your friends. (Click the picture for more details.)
Mist on the Marsh

A Facebook Link You Can Touch

Everyone loves to bash Facebook, but sometimes a Facebook link leads to a more tangible and enduring reminder than this morning’s status update. (Click the picture to read more.)
Summer Dragon

Why is this site a blog?

Why did I choose to use Wordpress, which was developed as a blogging platform, for my website platform? Why not use one of the myriad packages designed specifically for artists? (Click the picture to read more.)