Purple and turquoise watercolor brushstrokes across facing journal pages.

How Do I Get Started?

Welcome to Creative Energy Journaling! You can have a look at What is Creative Energy Journaling? and the Resources page for more background, but probably the best way to get a feel for it is to just jump in and try a few of the many activities that can be done as “stand-alones”. Here are […]
Journal page with watercolor and marker "eye".

Creative Seeds

Well, this week there have been a lot of posts to get us all going. I hope by now you’ve had time to find a journal and try some of the preparatory activities. But, if not, no worries! Everything is there on the blog for you when you are ready. Just look on the right […]
journal open to blank pages

Blank Pages and other Scary Things

Here you are with a lovely new journal. Maybe you’ve decorated the cover, or done a ritual to honor your materials. Now it’s time to start putting something on the pages—aaak! Some demons lurk here.  Even with many years of experience, I sometimes get hung up on feeling I’m not going to be able to […]
journal with pens and candle

Honoring/Intention Ritual

Yes, I know “ritual” is a dirty word for some. If this is you, I hope to persuade you to re-think the role of ritual in your life. Rituals can be extraordinarily powerful and offer enormous rewards for a small investment of time and effort. Like habits and routines, rituals help carry us through the […]
Journal cover with lettering outlined.

Personalize Your Journal Cover

The official launch of beta-testing is not until Friday, but I know some of you have your journals now and are probably eager to get started.  After the first week, I’ll be sending email only once a week on Friday (I don’t want to overwhelm you with email!) But I’ll be sending a few more […]