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Summer Painting Fun with Your Dragonfly Pals

I no longer try to offer ongoing classes in the summer—everyone is just too busy with weddings, graduations and travel. Instead, I have a few short classes, and a number of fun social events to keep you connected with other painters and your own painting goals. Summer Class “Save-the-Date” Info I have a lot of […]
Studio sink and cabinets installed.

Getting Close!

Remember this? Last time I managed to squeeze in a few moments for a newsletter, I was working on building this sink base cabinet in the studio bathroom. Ta-daaaa! Here’s that same cabinet, all finished! Not having any prior woodworking experience, I was ridiculously pleased with myself over how this project turned out. (Here it […]
sink base cabinet

My Current Work-in-Progress

So, where has the newsletter been? I made a decision a few weeks ago that I needed to really focus on finishing a BIG project that I’ve had going for a year and a half. As most of you know, I bought a house a little more than a year and a half ago that […]

First Paint-Out of 2015 (Como Conservatory)

Yesterday, eight of us spent a relaxing morning in the beauty, warmth and humidity of Marjorie McNeely Conservatory, sketching, painting and just soaking up the green! (I tried to capture more of the group at work, but some of you were too stealthy for me!) (If you thought about coming, but weren’t sure what to […]
Prayer/Meditation Mandalas Mini-Retreat at The Phipps Center for the Arts, Mar 2105

More Beautiful Mandalas!

I am always just astounded at how gorgeous these turn out, even though many who take this workshop have never painted in watercolor before! A small group this time, as a few people had to cancel at the last minute, but this min-retreat was super-fun and relaxing. And wow! what beautiful mandalas. Even though there […]
Watercolor Jumpstart class at The Phipps Center for the Arts, winter 2015

Spreading Their Watercolor Wings

Three great winter-session classes wrapped up last week. Look at all this lovely work! The Watercolor Jumpstart students are new to watercolor (or returning after a long time away). Some have a lot of experience in other media and some are taking their first foray into the visual arts, but as you can see, they […]