Brush drawing of orchid in pot.

Upcoming Class and Workshop at Wet Paint

As you may know, Wet Paint in St. Paul is my favorite art supply store on the planet. I’m excited to announce that in addition to their long-standing demos and “Try It!” nights, they are now offering classes and workshops.

Starting Monday, Sep 20, I’ll be teaching a 3-week beginning watercolor class, Watercolor Jumpstart, Mondays and Wednesdays from 10a-1p. This is an updated and completely revised version of the class, and it’s a blast! It’s designed to get students painting fast! All you watercolorists and former students, please share this info with friends who want to get started painting in watercolor. The last class sold out, so tell them not to wait to sign up.  To learn more, or to sign up online, visit the Wet Paint website.

On Saturday, Sep 20, from 10:30-5:30, I’ll be teaching a workshop on Creative Energy Journaling. This is a fun, spontaneous and portable collection of creative activities that you can fit into whatever time, space and energy you have, with simple, inexpensive materials.  To learn more about the workshop or to sign up online, visit the Wet Paint website.

(To learn more about Creative Energy Journaling, visit my Creative Energy Journaling blog at



Bitter Cold

Tonight’s forecast is for a temperature of around -30F, with blustery winds and windchill around -55F.

As I work, I’m conscious of my great good fortune to be warm and well fed through the bitter winter. The winter light today has been lovely, shimmering silver and gold with the ice in the air and the low angle of the sun. I’m working on a painting, trying to capture the feel of that light, but it won’t be ready to share for a while yet.

Meanwhile, here’s another little ink drawing.



Mouse 1/3/2014

He looks a little scared. Probably because there are two cats in the house.

Lucky mouse, it was Mo who found him. Mo doesn’t really know what cats should do with mice, and anyway, he looks to the people in his house to decide how to do things. So he brought the mouse to me, ever so gently and tenderly, and set him down at my feet. After a moment to collect himself, the mouse started to make a run for it. Mo gently scooped him back in front of me with a paw, looking up as if to say, “What is this thing? And what shall we do with it?” At this point the mouse figured out that he wasn’t going to get pounced, and made a break for a little mouse hole in my not-yet-renovated bedroom walls.

I’m sure there are a hundred more in there.

I hope they refrain from chewing the wiring. Something tells me any traps I set in the bedroom would catch someone other than this savvy mouse.


Great Horned Owl 1/2/2104, ink drawing on A2 card (4.5x5.5") by Lynne Baur

Great Horned Owl

Tonight, a bird, in honor of my friend, master watercolorist Karen Knutson, who is once again participating in the 30-paintings-in-30-days challenge. (Not for me this year—I have enough with major renovations to my home!)  You can see her much more interesting bird paintings and follow the progress of her 30-in-30 challenge at her blog,

Great Horned Owl 1/2/2104, ink drawing on A2 card (4.5x5.5") by Lynne Baur
Great Horned Owl 1/2/2104, ink drawing on A2 card (4.5×5.5″)

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