Wolf Moon Drum (2105), mixed watermedia on paper stretched on mulberry frame, 14" diameter, $195 by Lynne Baur

Round Drums!

It was a long process, but I have finally found a method of producing round paper-on-frame drums with a good sound! Yay! I’m also very pleased with how they look. Prices for a stock design and a mulberry-wood frame (as these drums): 14″ diameter – $195, 16″ diameter – $245, 18″ diameter – $320. (Custom […]
Cartoon painter with paint "explosion".

A Merger is in the Works!

As many of you know, I have been maintaining two different websites: one for Dragonfly Spirit Studio, where I post information about classes, events and my artwork, and one for Creative Energy Journaling, where I post fun creative ideas that anyone can use to explore and develop creativity. As of March 1, I will begin the […]
"Hidden Dragon", mixed watermedia on paper, 16x20", $315 mounted on cradled board ready to display without framing, $265 unframed, by Lynne Baur

New Dragonfly Released!

It’s done! I started this one during the 30-paintings-in-30-days challenge, but it had too much potential to rush. (You can see early stages here and here.) A lot of people liked this one when I posted the “almost-done” version on Facebook yesterday. I’m pretty happy with this one, too.
Watercolor brushes drying on a towel on a slanted board.

12 Tips for Happy Brushes—How to Care for Your Watercolor Brushes

I’m welcoming some new watercolor painters to the medium, so there have been some requests for information about caring for watercolor brushes. (Even if you know all this, you might want to skip down to item 9. In the third paragraph, there are two links to videos about how brushes are made. The first is […]
Even though we start from the same few templates, each mandala is unique and personal by the time we're done. Beautiful!

Watercolor Mandala Templates for You to Use

  Last weekend’s mini-retreat on Mandalas for Prayer and Meditation at Wet Paint was a wonderfully relaxing way to spend a Saturday afternoon! If you have taken this workshop and want to make another mandala, or if you have watercolor supplies and just want to make one on your own, I have uploaded the templates […]
I used a spray bottle to soften and allow the color to run on the right side of the "background". I like how the yellow color of the lemon ran and softened, giving it some atmosphere and bringing the viewer's attention more to the crisper edges in the bowl.

Go (a Little) Wild!—How to Loosen Up (Just a Bit) in Watercolor

Are you a control freak when you make art? Or does your inner child go wild? Most of us want to make art that combines structure and spontenaity, but that’s not easy! In workshops and classes at all levels, when we go around the room and talk about what we want to get out of […]
All 30 paintings from the 30-paintings-in-30-days challenge.

30-in-30—The Whole Shebang

There they are, all 30 of them! Next week, I’ll be taking better photos of all of them and creating a gallery page for them. Most of these paintings are small “bookshelf paintings”, so they’re very affordable and easy to adopt. Once I have better photos, I’ll add most of them to my online store […]