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The Blog Has Moved!

I’ve been struggling with a lot of website outages recently, so my blog has been moved to a separate page to help speed things up. If you’re looking for the latest blog posts with behind-the-scenes peeks into my studio, please click the “Blog” link in the top menu.

Brand-New Watercolor Jumpstart

I’m very excited about the complete makeover I’m giving my popular beginner watercolor class. Click the Watercolor Jumpstart link under Classes, Workshops, Etc. to see all the new goodies!

I’ve looked hard at the difficulties faced by beginners and designed an all-new series of exercises to make  help them learn fast and pick up good watercolor habits right from the start. Plus, I’m adding new videos and class materials to the class page so that students can come back and review as often as they like during and after class.

Creative Energy Journaling

If you’ve been following me on Facebook, you might know that I had a little mishap with a utility knife earlier this summer and had to have a bit of hand surgery. Since I had my hand in a cast for a while, I took the opportunity to focus on launching a new blog about the fun and spontaneous method I use to keep a journal—or maybe I should say an anti-journal!

I break all the journaling rules—start in the middle, journal whenever I feel like it (and NO GUILT if I don’t pick it up for weeks!), no need to finish a page, come back to a page as much as I like.

It doesn’t even have to be in a journal! NO RULES!!! :)

Spending time in a creative frame of mind is not just fun, it’s also good for your brain! (Not to mention your heart and spirit.) But sometimes the pressure of “making art” is too tough when you’re tired and stressed.

Creative Energy Journaling is my collection of activities for those times when I’m too tired, busy or stressed to be “capital-C Creative”. I designed my process so that it would add energy and relieve stress, instead of being one more chore to complete.

It’s creative dessert, not creative vegetables.

If that sounds like fun to you, click the Creative Energy Journaling link to learn more.

And while you’re over there, if you like what you see, join the email list to get a new “anti-journaling” journaling idea each week.

Or just have fun browsing.

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