Color swatching for the series I'm working on.

Colorful Thoughts

Having recently accepted an invitation to fill a last-minute gap in the show calendar at Hudson Hospital, I’m in the “final countdown” phase of prepping for a show. No matter how diligent and organized I am, I seem to always require a final frenzy of activity to bring everything together in the last 3-4 weeks […]
Watercolor Jumpstart class at Wet Paint, winter 2015.

Fall Classes—Acrylics, Updated Watercolor Skill-Builder and More

My fall classes are open for registration at all three venues—Wet Paint, Bloomington Theatre and Art Center (under its new name, Artistry) and The Phipps Center for the Arts. Particularly at Bloomington, web registration may be a bit later in coming, but if you don’t find a class online, you CAN register by calling at […]
Sneak peek of a new 6x6" dragonfly in progress.

August is Dragonfly Month in the Studio

It’s been a while since I painted a series of dragonflies. I had so much fun with the ones that emerged from the 30-Paintings-in-30-Days challenge back in January, that I decided to make August “Dragonfly Month” in my studio. A day or two after I decided to focus on dragonflies for the month, I got […]
I'm still struggling to figure out how to approach a new series, but this little piece is capturing something I want to keep.

What Makes a Good Painting?

That pesky inner critic! I don’t know about you, but simply telling her to sit down and shut up doesn’t work for me. Oh, I can get her to leave me alone. It just doesn’t lead to paintings I’m happy with. I need my inner critic. We all need time to explore, experiment and follow […]

More Beautiful Mandalas

Last Friday, I led an “art party/mini-retreat” at the home of one of my former students. What a great afternoon and evening! Great company, and a beautiful setting right on the Saint Croix River. These 5 women have known each other since kindergarten, so as you can imagine, the conversation was rich and interesting. It […]

Look Ma, No Cables!

I know you love it when I post videos, but it’s been taking waaaaay too long to put them together. So, I’m trying an experiment to see if I can get more video information out for you by making them less like “video lessons” and more like the stuff you’re all watching on Facebook, anyway. […]
Third sketch of conservatory buildings.

New Session of Watercolor Minimalist Sep 22-23

Do you want to take your watercolors traveling, hiking, biking or paddling, but get frustrated trying to figure out what to take and how to adapt your technique to field conditions? Watercolor Minimalist is the class for you! We had such a great response (14 people!) to the last session of Watercolor Minimalist thru Wet […]