big painting

Update on the “Giant Painting”

Here’s where things stood last time: And now:                 Doesn’t look much different yet, does it? At this stage, I tread softly, slowly “carving” into the whites and lights so I don’t lose the freshness of the washes. You can probably see some of the “underwater” elements I’ve […]
Painting of a green spring peeper sitting on a leaf with a pale green full moon in the background, by Lynne Baur

30-Paintings-in-30-Days Challenge!

Are you game? C’mon, let’s do it together! I’m signed up again for Leslie Saeta‘s 30-paintings-in-30-days challenge in January 2015. Why not join me? You may have seen this article by James Clear about making life changes by focusing on setting up systems to support the change, instead of setting goals or making resolutions. Makes […]
Large watercolor in the Currents & Eddies series by Lynne Baur, in progress.

Yikes!—That’s a Big Sheet of Paper!

I’m working on an exciting commission for Lakeview Hospital in Stillwater, MN. When completed, this piece will be on three large panels, and will be the largest piece in this series to date. This large sheet of paper (about 32×55″) is from a roll—no double-elephant available in time, alas! Just for fun, I left a camera […]
painting by Lynne Baur of large purple and orange dragonfly on abstract background

Have you missed me?

Fine-tuning my email system to tailor the news to YOUR current interests. After many on-again-off-again attempts to keep a newsletter going, I’ve finally found a system that works! Please keep reading to see how it will work. Future weekly newsletter emails will be short and easy-to-scan, but I need your cooperation to really make the system […]
Caran d'Ache Museum watercolor pencils.

Dec 11—Museum Pencil Demo at Wet Paint

You’ve probably heard me rave about these luxurious watercolor pencils on Facebook.  Come join me Thursday, Dec. 11, 5:30—7:30 as I demonstrate them at Wet Paint (you get to play too!). It’s absolutely free and you don’t have to register ahead of time.
Watercolor painting "Morning Storm Breaking" by Lynne Baur

Winter/Spring 2015—Classes and Mini-Retreats

Many of you have been asking when I’ll be teaching at The Phipps again—well, here it is! (plus more) Not only do I have classes coming up at The Phipps, I’ll also be teaching this winter and spring at Wet Paint in Saint Paul and at the Bloomington Theater and Arts Center. Get away from […]