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Choosing Watercolor Paper (Second Sunday Live Demo Oct 2020)

Choosing Watercolor Brushes (Second Sunday Live Demo Sep 2020)

What’s on Your Palette? (Second Sunday Live Demo Aug 2020) (Oops! This file (and the backup) was corrupted in the move and the video is temporarily unavailable until I can re-record it. The demo notes handout does contain most of the same information in written form.)

Mastering “Negative Thinking” (Second Sunday Live Demo Nov 2020)

Postcard Paint-Along: Sunrise Joy!

Postcard Paint-Along: Glowing Jack O’Lanterns on the Porch

Postcard Paint-Along: Crashing Surf

Postcard Paint-Along: Backlit Clouds Variations

Postcard Paint-Along: Crazy Colorful Pears

Postcard Paint-Along: Full Moon Over the Ocean

Postcard Paint-Along: Eggs in a Glass Bowl

Postcard Paint-Along: Full Moon Above the Forest

Postcard Paint-Along: Iris

Postcard Paint-Along: Sunset Variations

Postcard Paint-Along: Super-Simple Sketching with Water-soluble Line

Using Sketchbook Pro to Plan Changes to Paintings