Watercolor How-To Videos

To make it easier for you to find my various how-to videos and other how-to information, I’ve collected the videos in this post, and added a “How-to” link to the top menu of my website where you can find how-to articles on topics such as caring for your watercolor brushes, presenting your watercolors without glass or frames, tips for sketching on location, some ideas for learning to “loosen up” and paint more expressively and other watermedia info.

Some watercolor exercises from my Watercolor Jumpstart and Watercolor Skill-Builder classes.

Tearing Watercolor Paper

Stretching Watercolor Paper

Exploring Brushmarks

Download Completed Brushmarks Demo Image for Reference

Brush Drawing (Bee & Coneflower)

Download Completed Bee and Coneflower Demo Image for Reference

Brush Drawing (Hummingbird)

Download Completed Hummingbird Demo Image for Reference

Brush Drawing (Dragonfly)

Download Completed Dragonfly Demo Image for Reference

Exploring Watercolor Pigment Properties

Download Completed Mass Tones & Tints Demo Image for Reference
Download Completed Transparent/Opaque Demo Image for Reference

Transferring a Drawing

Download Color Wheel Template

Color Wheel: Primaries, Secondaries, Tertiaries

Small Example Paintings to Try Yourself

Cloudy Winter Sunrise

More Technical How-To

Presenting Watercolors Without Frames or Glass

Note: Please see the companion article for more information about this process, including the products I use and where to buy them.

Behind-the-scenes videos about the creation of a large triptych in my Currents and Eddies series.

How I Start Painting in this Series (and most of my paintings)

Timelapse of the Development of this Painting