$375, 3 full days, 9 am – 4 pm Pacific Time, Thursday Jan 14 – Saturday Jan 16, 2021

Note: Course fee includes a voucher for a one-on-one followup coaching session after the workshop ends.*

Capacity: Maximum of 8 students (must have 4 enrolled for course to run)

Experience Level: at least some experience planning and executing your own paintings

  • Feel like your paintings are just not getting any better?
  • Tired of copying photos but not sure how to create something more personally meaningful?
  • Not sure how to find your own style?
  • Tried to “paint looser” and just wound up with a sloppy mess?
  • Are you an experienced artist who feels stuck in a style that isn’t you anymore?

Let 2021 be the year you commit to new personal depth, meaning and emotional power in your paintings. Get ready to stretch your creative wings!

This intensive virtual workshop** combines exploratory warm-ups and “stretching” exercises with assignments to help you push the boundaries of your current work (a little or a lot), and personal coaching to develop a strategy for uncovering what really matters to you in your work, and how to develop paintings that showcase your unique creative vision.

You’ll learn how to ask yourself the right questions at the right times to dive deep into meaning without limiting free expression. You learn how making small step-by-step adjustments can help you chart a path from wherever you are now towards more powerful and personally meaningful paintings.

Note: If you want to “loosen up”, you’ll learn how to move towards a looser style without just making a mess, but this course is about finding your personal style, so not everyone will be working on “painting looser”.

For this workshop, you’ll need 4-6 of your own paintings as a jumping off point for investigating new directions. By “original”, I mean not painted by following along with an instructor, book or video, and not a copy of someone else’s photo or painting. Paintings based on your own photos are fine. Paintings that are “okay, but not totally satisfying” are a great starting point. Choose things that you feel motivated to keep pushing and take to the next level.

We will not be painting on top of your paintings or changing them directly, so you can jump off from paintings you have already framed or don’t want to risk messing up. You can also work from a photo of a painting that has sold.

BONUS: You’ll learn how to use a powerful, free digital painting application on your computer or tablet to plan changes to work in progress without risking the work you’ve done so far, and to brainstorm new ideas fast. (Application is available for Windows/MacOS, Android and iOS, so everyone should be able to use it.) You can also go “old school” and use plain ol’ paper. No one is required to use the painting app; I’ve just found it a useful tool to “paint” on top of a photo of work in progress so I can feel freer about testing out changes.

*One-on-one coaching vouchers must be used with 3 months of workshop end date.

**9 am – 4 pm daily is a LOT of Zooming, but don’t worry. We will follow a similar format to in-person workshops, where we gather for demonstrations, Q&A and group discussion, and then disperse to work on exercises and assignments. While you are working, I will be available for questions and individual assistance, or you can simply tune everyone out until time for the next demo or feedback session. We will also take a one-hour break in the middle of each day, so you can have a meal or take a walk or a nap.

I’m also working on a way for you to have conversations with each other during the workshop, but we’re still testing what format we’ll be using for that. More details on that later.