$225, 6 weeks, Thursdays, 9-11 am Pacific Time, Jan 21-Feb 25, 2021

Experience level—any level

Capacity: 16 students maximum (must have 6 enrolled for course to run)

What do you love about color? Wild brilliant color or soft semi-neutrals? Mostly monochrome or all over the color wheel?

In this class you’ll dive deeper into using color in your paintings. Explore and expand your use of color to make your work more personal and expressive.

We will discuss color-mixing, color theory and developing color schemes for paintings, but we’ll go beyond that to explore the emotion and meaning that color evokes for you.

  • information on pigments (current and historical) to help you find versions of each color that work well for you
  • tips for color-mixing and color schemes for paintings
  • inspiration for reflecting on meanings and symbolism surrounding colors
  • exercises challenging you to reflect on your personal response to each color
  • ideas for using color to evoke mood, create harmony or add punch to your paintings.

Each week we will emphasize a different color: reds, oranges, yellows, greens, blues and violet. (6 weeks)