Summer Postcard Fun

Looking for a way to motivate yourself to get out and sketch more this summer? Want an low-stakes, easy way to get over being nervous about showing your work in public?

The Wet Paint Postcard Show is for you!

Three postcards of scenes from Como Conservatory in St Paul
Postcards from my last afternoon at Como Conservatory. Usually I don’t have this much time (about 30-45 min each), and my postcards are a lot “sketchier”. I call the bottom one “Exercise in Lifting and Negative Painting, or Insanity in the Palm Dome”. 🙂

It’s so simple! Just create a postcard and drop it in the mail to Wet Paint, 1684 Grand Ave, St. Paul, MN 55015. Wet Paint requests that the work be original images only, and asks that words and images be suitable for viewers of all ages. And you have to mail them! Don’t try to drop the off at the store; it spoils the fun of mail art! Send as many as you like. There is plenty of window space!

Postcards postmarked by August 21 will be included in the show and their Grand Re-Opening on August 29.

This lovely mini-show hangs in their windows all summer long, for the pleasure of patrons and passers-by. There is already art by artists of all ages and experience levels—you can do this, too, no matter who you are! (And be sure to check it out when you go to Wet Paint for supplies.)

Wet Paint asks that you please sign your card and include a way to reach you, so you can be notified about of the Postcard Show “Opening” as part of the Grand Re-Opening on August 29.