Classes & Coaching

Live (Zoom) classes are on hold for a while, as I work on creating new self-guided video courses. Video courses take 1-2 HOURS of storyboarding, scripting, recording and editing for each MINUTE of final video; thanks for being patient!

Small group help sessions are still happening, in case you need help in the meantime. See schedule below for the time/date of the next session.

Please double-check your email and phone number for typos. If you enter your email or phone number incorrectly, I can’t send you your Zoom link!

Small Group Help Sessions

Price Reduced (and a Sale, Too)!

To add new video courses, I had to make some changes to the registration system. The biggest one is you must now log in (or create an account) to make a purchase.

But . . . you can now retrieve Zoom links from your Account page! Isn’t that handy?

You’ll still get the link on your order confirmation email, but no more frantic searching if you can’t find it at class time. Just log into your account—the link will be right there in your order history. 🙂

Managing registration will also now be less work for me, so I’ve reduced the price on Small Group Help Sessions to $15 per/person.

And, as a thank-you for your patience with the inevitable glitches with a new system, the next two sessions are on sale: $10 per person—whoohoo! What a great way to get your creative goals back on track!

Upcoming Small Group Help Sessions:

(click the desired date/time to register)

*Small Group Help Sessions begin at the scheduled time and run for 30 minutes per person enrolled (e.g. if 2 are enrolled, we go for an hour, if 3 are enrolled, we go for 90 minutes, etc.).


Classes & Workshops (Zoom)

On pause while I work on some new self-guided courses for times when a Zoom class doesn’t fit your schedule. I expect to resume Zoom classes around Jul or Aug 2021.