Whip your palette into shape and make it work for you! This 3-hour workshop is designed to help you get your palette organized so you can really master color-mixing once and for all. 

Limited to 6 participants so I can help you individually. We’ll work with the colors you have and your favorite subjects and style to identify your “home-base” colors and “go-to” mixes. Then I’ll help you decide how organize your palette(s) or set up a new one to make color-mixing easy. And I’ll help you decide what colors to add (or remove!).

Studio palettes, travel palettes, workshop palettes . . . whatever you have or want to set up. 

Click here to register. 

This is limited to a small group, and I expect to open new sections. Email me if you’re interested but can’t make this time and let me know generally what sort of times work for you. I’ll take that into account as best I can when scheduling new sections.