Painless Watercolor Planning Class Resource Page

Class materials for current and prior participants in Painless Watercolor Planning. NOT SUITABLE FOR SELF-STUDY.

This is a resource page for current and former students in Painless Watercolor Planning to access handouts, photos, and other materials used in class exercises or assignments. This class is taught in an interactive coaching environment, not a “demo-and-follow-along” environment. Others may view these resources, but this is not intended as self-study content.

If you are considering taking the class, I will be happy to answer general questions about the scope and conduct of class. But please, don’t ask me to teach or interpret these handouts and resources for you via email. That’s what class is for. (I am open to providing individual coaching on this content, if there is no class scheduled or the times are not feasible for you. Contact me, if you’d like to explore that option.)

General Resources

Day 1 Resources

The following videos are not demos. They are used for introducing and practicing Exploratory Drawing in class.

Short slideshow for Exploratory Drawing practice.
Longer slideshow for Exploratory Drawing practice.
Playing with “characters” or “building blocks” or “picture elements”. Who is the star of the show? Who is supporting cast? Who are extras? Set dressing?

Day 2 Resources

Day 3 Resources

Day 4 Resources

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