New Video Released

The re-recorded (public) version of the Second Sunday Live Demo for October on Choosing Watercolor Paper has been released on Vimeo. You can watch on Vimeo, or on my website, if you don't wish to create a Vimeo account. My videos are moving to Vimeo. For more details about the move, please click "read in browser".

Choosing Watercolor Paper

The re-recorded (public) version of the Second Sunday Live Demo for October on Choosing Watercolor Paper has been released on Vimeo. You can watch it on Vimeo, or you can watch it on my website, where you’ll also be able to find the associated handouts, and photos.

If you lose this email, you can find it again by going to my website and following the links for “Learn” and “Where is that video?”. During the move to Vimeo, I will be maintaining a list of videos that have been moved, to help you find them. If you can’t find a video on YouTube anymore, check the “Where is that video?” list.

(I’m sorry for the delay in getting this one out. I’ve been having problems with my computer overheating and shutting down. Rendering video is one of the most CPU-intensive tasks, so it took a lot of tries to get this video rendered.)

My Videos are Moving to Vimeo

It’s finally happened. I’ve always said I wouldn’t put ads on my videos unless YouTube made me.

Welp. I got an email from YouTube today with updated Terms of Service. Starting tomorrow (Nov 18), they now have the right to “monetize my channel”, even if I don’t want them to. That means they can put ads on my videos whether I like it or not. I no longer meet the requirements for their YouTube Partner Program, either, so I won’t be making any money off any of those ads.

I figure this day was coming, but I thought there would be more than one day’s warning.

As many of you know, I was already looking for another platform for hosting my videos. Aside from the hate mail, YouTube made a lot of other changes “under the hood” this past year, stealthily, so you may not have noticed. I noticed. Some of the changes (like how playlists and private videos behave) affected systems I had set up for my viewers. Other changes I found out about when people complained bitterly to me about them, thinking I was the one who made the change.

I’d already I needed to switch platforms. This latest notice that they could start putting ads on my videos as early as tomorrow is the last straw. I’m sure many viewers will assume I’m the one breaking my promise not to put ads on my videos, since YouTube only sent this announcement to Creators, not all viewers (and of course, who reads those Terms of Service updates, even then?).

I have no idea when this will actually start happening. The new terms of service say they have the right to serve ads on my videos, not that they will immediately begin to do so, but who knows? I’m hoping it will take some time for them to start inflicting ads on us, but I wanted you to know it’s not my choice, I can’t stop it, and it will accelerate my departure from YouTube.

I strenuously object to my intellectual property being used to sell anything and everything, without compensation or any control over what is advertised. To be fair, YouTube has a right to set their terms of service. And, I have a right to say “no, thanks”.

So, I’m out. It will take a while to move everything, but I’m going to be doing it faster than I had originally thought, given this change.

I’ve chosen to switch to Vimeo. Vimeo accounts are free for viewers, if you want to create one, but you will not need a Vimeo account to view my videos. You can simply watch on my website, as always, where they’ll be embedded just like the YouTube videos are now.

During the transition, I’ll be adding a reference page to my website with links to the moved videos, so you can find them even if you don’t remember (or never knew) where they are on my website. Look under the “Learn” menu for “Where is that video?”

I have heard from quite a few people who are worried that I think no one appreciates these videos and that is why I’m leaving YouTube. Some have contacted me urging me to turn comments back on because they are worried I will stop making videos if I don’t see encouraging comments and “likes”.

Thanks for your concern, but let me put your minds at ease. I’m leaving YouTube because it’s become a Giant Distraction Machine, and no longer a good environment for teaching and learning.

As to encouragement to make more videos, I get both my motivation and my ideas for articles and videos from the process of exploring art-making with students, friends and colleagues, not from subscriber numbers or “likes”. I make my videos publicly available because

  • it doesn’t cost me much to make them available to more people, so why not be nice and share?
  • I know that some people can’t afford or can’t get to a class, but I believe everyone can benefit from art-making
  • maybe some of those people will pass on that benefit to others, either by sharing their watercolor knowledge, or just by being generally kinder and more generous because someone was kind and generous towards them
  • someday I might actually have a relationship with a few of those people—maybe because they take a class, or maybe just because they write to share a bit of their watercolor story

None of that has changed. I’m changing hosting platforms, that’s all.

If you feel a need to express gratitude or encouragement, don’t cycle it back to me in a closed loop of a comment or “like”—send it outward! Share the joy of art-making with someone else. Mail someone a postcard, give a friend or a child some art materials, send encouragement their way. Send the world a little kindness and generosity to counter all the fear, blame and shame. If you found peace, solace or enjoyment in one of my videos, offer peace, solace or enjoyment to someone else. That’s all I was trying to do, just make the world a teeny bit kinder. If I’ve helped you, then be a part of the chain and help someone else.

For now, the videos that are already on YouTube will stay available. There are a lot of them, so this move isn’t going to happen overnight. Any video that isn’t on the “Where is that video?” list is still on YouTube.

Happy painting!

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