Hi, Dragonflies! Welcome to all our new subscribers! And a big Thank You! to everyone for your patience while I’ve been on-again-(mostly) off-again during the past 14 months of travel.

I’m back in my studio!

All those blogs about “Running a Business from your RV” weren’t fibbing, exactly. But it’s a lot harder to find enough bandwidth to run an online class or upload a 30-minute video than post listicles. So, not the best setting for online teaching.

But, no regrets! It was perfect for being still and observing carefully. Finding inspiration. Playing with new directions. Giving ideas time to coalesce. Thinking deeply about challenging problems.

And that means a lot of new stuff to share with you!

I’ll be rolling out new videos and courses over the next several months. (And sharing some new paintings!) Here’s what’s on the way first:

Postcard Paint-Alongs

We should practice our watercolor skills, just like musicians practice scales. But we want to paint an actual painting, and we all hate to “waste paper”, right?

Solution: postcards! Fast, easy, and inexpensive. If you mess it up, no worries, it’s just a postcard. Do another! Do a whole bunch!

Flip them over, add a quick note, an address, and a stamp and pop them in the mail. I guarantee you will make someone’s day, even if the results look a little wobbly (in fact, sometimes wonky, wobbly paintings make the most charming postcards). 

To get you started, I’ve created some little Postcard Paint-Along videos (more on the way!). You can find them all on my YouTube channel page.

Second Sunday Live Demos Are Back

Second Sunday of each month, 5:30-7:00 Pacific Time. I’ll demo for about 45-60 minutes and then open things up for Q&A.  These were wildly popular and filled up really fast when I did them before, so I’m considering ways to make them available to more people. I want to keep numbers fairly small so people get to ask their questions, so I may experiment with repeating on Monday nights if Sunday evenings fill. Stay tuned for more on that. 

The schedule is set for the first three, so you can think about saving the date(s). Registration will open 1-2 weeks in advance of each demo (around the first of each month).

As before, the demo portion will be posted to YouTube about 2-3 weeks after the live event, so you won’t miss out if you can’t make a particular date. (For privacy reasons, the Q&A portions will not be posted to YouTube.)

The first three topics are in response to by far the biggest category of questions I receive: “What kind of paints/brushes/paper/etc. do you use or recommend?” 

I have always resisted making recommendations of specific products. I don’t you to think you need to buy more “stuff” to paint fabulous watercolors.

Instead, I’m going to talk about how I chose the products I use. I’ll share some of the differences between different brands/products, things to keep in mind when choosing, and what not to waste money on. And, sure, I’ll tell you about some of my faves, as long as you promise not to buy stuff only because I use it! 😉

  • Aug 9: Choosing Paints and Palettes: What paint brands, pigments and palette will give you the best results?
  • Sep 13: Choosing Brushes: What should you consider when buying brushes? What brushes (and how many) do you really need? How do you know if a brush is any good? What do you really need to do to take care of watercolor brushes?
  • Oct 11: All About Watercolor Paper: Which brand/weight/surface is best for you? What’s wrong with student-grade paper? Do you really have to stretch your paper? 

More info on registration when I get the registration software set up!

What else is in the works?

I’ve also been working on a lot of other learning options for you. More about this in future newsletters, but here’s the big picture:

  • More projects (finally!) in the Watercolor Skies and Clouds course
  • live, interactive virtual classes, including a couple of exciting new creativity-boosting seminars this fall for both beginners and experienced painters
  • I’m opening a few new slots for individual coaching/lesson clients (more about this in a later newsletter)
  • a few videos and articles about my experience taking an extended creative retreat in a camper van, for those considering trying something similar or are just curious about what it was like
  • a super-exciting MUSIC PROJECT! If you like the new theme music on my last few videos, you’ll love this! And yes, I’m leaving you hanging there. You’ll have to keep reading the newsletter to find out more . . .

Happy painting, Dragonflies! I’m looking forward to painting with you again!