I think I gave you bad advice.

Remember that bit about “there are no rules” in a Creative Energy Journaling practice”?  Specifically, the part about “you don’t have to journal every day . . . journal only when you want, and when it feels right to you” . . .

Recently, it occurred to me that I made that “anti-rule” after I had a pretty solid journaling routine established.  Maybe it wasn’t the best advice for getting started.


I know you can succeed at establishing the creative routines we want. Just the fact that you’re here makes you different from most people.

Your’re looking for ways to keep your creative spirit alive and well. You’re honoring art and creativity as a valuable part of your life and our communities. You’re a voice for being and believing and loving and hoping, instead of just mindlessly “getting things done”.

That’s large and important work, no matter how much or how little we actually put on the page!

But still, getting any new routine established can be tough!

Have a look at this article by James Clear about focusing on systems rather than goals when you are seeking to make positive changes in your life. If you’re having trouble getting started with the journaling habit, you might find his approach helpful.