What is Creative Energy Journaling?

Creative Energy Journaling is a series of activities to stimulate creativity, relieve stress and help you think more flexibly. A friend of mine called it “yoga for your brain”—what a great description!

I developed Creative Energy Journaling for myself and my students to give us the benefits of a creative practice without having to devote a lot of time, energy, space or money.

Anyone can do it! You can do it anywhere, in whatever little pockets of time you have, in whatever space is available—even when you are traveling. (Maybe especially when you are traveling!) You can even do most of these activities with your kids or grandkids.

And, instead of being one more chore to drain your energy, Creative Energy Journaling is designed to restore your energy and balance by providing the open-ended “mind-wandering” type of activities that research has shown to boost creative problem-solving and restore emotional balance.

And when you’re totally wiped out—so wiped out that you can’t find an ounce of any sort of energy—Creative Energy Journaling activities are soothing and restorative. I designed it to be something I could do even when life is kicking me in the butt!

Arm in cast, working in journal.

I can do this, even when life bites!

Creative Energy Journaling is—

  • a fun, free and spontaneous practice to enhance your creativity and access your intuitive wisdom
  • a collection of activities using a mix of images, stories, color, myths, pattern, conversations, poetry, doodles, free-writing, drawing, imagination and dreaming
  • non-chronological and spiralling back—you can start anywhere, work on any page, return to a page many times—no need to “finish” before starting a new page
  • intuitive, open-ended, adventurous—you can begin without any idea of where you’re going and find your way a little at a time
  • inexpensive, portable and easy to do in small chunks of time
  • a place for self-exploration and creative problem-solving
  • transformative—a way to discover and become your best and truest self
  • soothing and restorative—a way to recharge your creative energy and reconnect with your dreams


The best way to get a feel for Creative Energy Journaling is to just jump in and try a few of the many activities that can be done as “stand-alones”.

Here are a few good ones to play with:


On the Resources page, you’ll find more information on what’s cheap and easy to start with, plus what (and where) to buy if you want higher quality art materials.

Some Journaling Ideas and Inspiration

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