Project 2—Dramatic Clouds at the Beach

In this project, you’ll learn the many different techniques for painting clouds of all sorts, plus a bit about how to use clouds to enhance the design of your painting. We’ll cover:

  • understanding cloud shapes and movement; and perspective in skies and clouds
  • using clouds to enhance the design of your painting
  • color mixing for skies and clouds (daytime conditions, clear and stormy weather)
  • wet-in-wet techniques for painting darker clouds on a lighter sky
  • lifting techniques for lighter clouds on a darker sky
  • using negative painting wet-into-wet for lighter clouds on a darker sky
  • using gravity wet-into-wet to create “wind” effects in painting clouds

Preliminary Videos

How to Prevent Buckling without Stretching Your Watercolor Paper

Color Mixing for Watercolor Skies and Clouds (Daytime Conditions, all weathers)

Three Ways to Create Clouds in Watercolor by Lifting

Painting Light Clouds on a Darker Sky Using Negative Painting Wet-Into-Wet

Creating Cloud Layers or Complex Skies Using Glazing

Preserving Soft White Highlights using Gum Arabic as a Resist

Project Videos

Project 2 Design and Planning

Project 2 Paint Along

Supplemental Videos

(I will add to these as questions arise and time permits.)

Using a Color Picker to Inspect Colors in Photographs