In this project, you’ll learn the fundamental skills we’ll use throughout the course:

  • how to prepare your materials to increase your success with skies and clouds in watercolor
  • how to identify some of the common challenges in painting skies and begin learning to plan your painting sequence to deal with one difficulty at a time
  • laying graded washes (over larger areas than in Watercolor Jumpstart)
  • glazing to create depth of color or deal with one challenge at a time, while keeping a wet-into-wet look
  • using water and gravity to create flowing movement in watercolor skies and clouds

Preliminary Videos

Stretching Watercolor Paper

Yes, I know. It’s a nuisance, and you just want to get started painting!

In Watercolor Jumpstart (my online beginner class), we work on very small sheets of paper (8×11″ and smaller). At that size, it’s possible to simply tape down all four sides of the paper and not run into too much trouble with buckling. In the Jumpstart projects, I deliberately avoided techniques that involve a lot of water or extended time working wet. 

This course is different! There are plenty of ways to paint skies in watercolor that do not involve a lot of water, but I’m teaching the things that work for me, and that means LOTS of water.

Three Ways to Transfer Drawings to Watercolor Paper

Mixing Watercolor Washes for Larger Areas

Project Videos

Project 1 Design and Planning

Project 1 Paint Along

Supplemental Videos

(I will add to these as questions arise and time permits.)

How to Easily Print Templates (or Photos) “Poster-Size”

Easily Resize a Rectangle Proportionally—no calculating!

Three Ways to Mask the Crescent Moon

A Less-Messy Way to Spatter Paint

Follow-Up Videos

How to Choose (& Take) Reference Photos for Painting Watercolor Skies

Some common challenges that arise in painting watercolor skies, to help you design projects that let you tackle one or two new challenges at a time.

Fun Projects Using What You Learned in Project 1

Coming Soon! (Expected Release—Jan 2019)