Watercolor Skies & Clouds

a free online watercolor workshop

If you are new to this course, please scroll down to read about how the course is organized and find the links to handouts and other course materials before jumping into a project.

This course is not suited for small paintings (especially smaller than about 9×12″). This course uses many wet-into-wet effects that are only effective and controllable for larger paintings. They become more and more difficult at smaller sizes. Please, do yourself a favor and work at least quarter-sheet or larger when attempting these projects.

If you want techniques for skies and clouds that work at small sizes (especially postcard sizes!), please visit the Postcard Paint-Along page. Many of those projects introduce techniques for skies and clouds that work at smaller sizes.

Course Description

Welcome to my Watercolor Skies online workshop (in development). This is an extended version of the 1-2 day watercolor skies workshops I have taught in the past, so if you took the workshop and wanted MORE, this is for you. If you didn’t take the workshop, all the workshop material is covered here, so this is for you, too!

You’ll need the basic supplies and skills covered in my Watercolor Jumpstart online beginner course. If you’re just starting out, you might want to refer back to that course to see if there’s anything you need to catch up with. 

Like Watercolor Jumpstart, this workshop is organized around projects. 

Since people will come to this course with a wide variety of backgrounds, each project has

  • some preliminary videos, discussing essential skills for beginning the project
  • two project videos, one about the design and planning process and one step-by-step paint-along video for the project painting itself
  • a set of supplemental videos addressing common questions and some handy tricks (I’ll probably add to these as questions arise)
  • some follow-up videos with ideas about how to design paintings of your own based on what you just learned
  • a collection of downloadable templates, reference photos, “cheat sheet” handouts to remind you of core concepts, and information about the supplies and materials I’m using in the videos.

Course Resources