Flash of Treasure

(That’s my idea for a title…this piece really eludes words pretty effectively; it’s so evocative of an ineffable magic, and visceral reality; simultaneously realistic and sentimentally whimsical…a deadly killer predator, with spirals and golden splashes of Faerie Magick all around and making up the very substance of a conspicuously representational image. p.s., my website/email are temporarily down, but will be back up this week.)

Thanks! I like that title idea! And thanks for your kinds words about the piece, and for dropping by Wet Paint for the demo tonight. I’ll make a note to check your site when it goes back up next week. Looking forward to seeing your work. (Aside from your comments about dragonflies, a reference to magick with a “k” always piques my curiosity. 🙂 )

Dragonfly Dance
love the background…can’t wait for February

Dragonfly Dance

Carla Anderson

Dragon’s Gold

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