Wow! This is post #30! There’s a LOT of Creative Energy Journaling stuff out there on the website after just 3 months!

If you have “creative indigestion” at this point, please forgive my excessive enthusiasm!  I just get so excited about this stuff I want to share EVERYTHING in one gigantic gulp. 🙂

This week, instead of giving you even MORE to absorb, I want to tell you about a few tweaks I’m planning that I hope will make these emails more fun and easier to digest.

But please also follow the link at the end of this post to the “THANK-YOU!!” page to find out about an absolutely dynamite offer for my beta-testers and early adopters (that’s you!).

(I promise this is not a sales-pitch. I’m putting it in a separate page because it’s just for you who are subscribers right now.  I’ll be taking the post down later to keep from confusing website visitors in the future. )

But . . . there is a time limit, so please don’t set this aside for “later”. I know you are not going to want to miss out on this.

First, the tweaks . . .

Starting next week, I’m planning to break up the articles and activities into shorter chunks. The weekly posts will be shorter, and cover less, so you can get started faster. (Sometimes, I’ll followup with more for those who want it.)

I’m also going to try re-sending the weekly post  (and followup messages) at other times, to see if there are better times for you to be able to actually read and try the activities.

My goals are to

  • help you more quickly get the gist of the week’s activity
  • re-ignite your interest additional ideas in an occasional follow-up message—extended content in bite-sized portions!
  • give you some guides to help you find your way around the tons of content already on the website
  • show you the development of pages over time (no, you’re not slacking if yours don’t look like the examples right away—or ever!)
  • share with you some of my favorite books, websites and other resources
  • introduce you to some of the people who inspire my journaling practice

If you have a chance to offer feedback on how things have been working, or how you like the new tweaks as I try them, I’d be very grateful to hear your thoughts. Please leave a comment or drop me a quick email using the “Contact” page.

But please, after you leave your comments . . .
. . . click here to go to the page with that super-duper thank-you offer!

You can’t get there through the menus on the website—you have to use the link in this email or by going to this post on the website. (If you lose this message before you have time to followup, contact me and I’ll give you the link again.)