Thank you for registering! Here’s what’s next—

Please use the buttons below to download and carefully follow the instructions for how to prepare for the type of event you registered for (live demo, group class or individual coaching). 

Please don’t wait until right before the class or demo to try to figure out Zoom. Some days I teach most of the day and may not be able to help. 

Thanks for scheduling!

If you have questions about how to prepare for your event or class, please contact me here at least several days in advance!

Please don’t wait until a few days before your event. I might be teaching or recording all day and unable to respond in time to help you.

NOTE: Most problems related to not being able to get your camera, speaker or microphone to work in Zoom have to do with your specific computer and operating system (especially Windows). I may not be able help with those issues. I don’t have the expertise or access to every kind of computer and operating system.

I am gathering information on what others have done to solve problems and will share what I know, but please start with the Zoom Help Center for help with audio and camera problems first.