New Watercolor Workshops for February

First, the bad news . . .

Due to a scheduling conflict, I will not be offering classes at Artistry (formerly Bloomington Art Center) in February and March of 2016 as originally planned. Apparently, the city of Bloomington felt a winter festival would be a better use of the space (we know better, but—alas!—we don’t call the shots).

However, I am happy to announce two additional afternoon workshops at Wet Paint:  Watercolor Rescue and the ever-popular Watercolor Mandala Mini-Retreat (this is a great way to introduce a friend to the fun of watercolor—all supplies are provided). Check out the gorgeous mandalas made by the most recent group in this post.

There will be some more workshops added to the winter and spring schedules, so let me know if there is something you’d especially like to see offered. (You can use the comments section or send me a message using the Contact link in the main menu.)

Both of the afternoon workshops below will be held at Wet Paint. You can enroll online at or call them at (651) 698-6431 to register.

Watercolor Rescue, Monday, Feb 8, 12:30-4:30 pm

A lot of people think you only get one shot to get things right in a watercolor. Not true! There are many ways to make adjustments and fix boo-boos in a watercolor! I know a lot of them—because I’ve made just about every watercolor mistake you can make! In this workshop, you’ll learn how to identify what’s not working in a “failed” watercolor and how to rescue it. We’ll learn to revive muddy, overworked areas, when to use white (and when not to!), ways to recover lost lights, and how to use a special product to cover up an area and get a “do-over” on part of a painting. (You’ll also learn techniques for avoiding some common problems, so you won’t have to rescue as many paintings in the future!)  Please bring your watercolor supplies, and at least one watercolor painting you’re not happy with and are willing to experiment on (if you absolutely hate it, even better!).

Watercolor Mandalas Mini-Retreat, Saturday, Feb 20, 12:30-4:30 pm

Making a mandala (circular drawing or painting) has long been considered an act of devotion in many cultures all over the world. Take a mini-retreat as you create a “visible prayer”/active meditation in the form of a beautiful stained-glass-effect mandala. We’ll use a basic template and a simple watercolor technique you can learn in minutes! You choose colors, symbols and words to make it unique and personal. If you like, you may bring pictures of a simple shape you wish to incorporate (e.g. hearts, stars, birds or other simple outline shapes), and/or significant phrases, poems, or quotes you might want to add.  Because we work on watercolor board, your mandala can easily be displayed without framing (but I will provide you with information on how to easily and inexpensively frame it, should you desire to do so). No prior art experience needed—anyone can do this! All materials provided.

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