My Field Easel is Cooler than Your Field Easel

Plein air season is FINALLY here in Wisconsin.  Just a little over a week ago, we had 8 inches of snow, and there was frost last night, but the roads are clear at last, so I had a chance to get out and do a little plein air painting this morning with my new super-cool field easel.  I modified my Guerilla Paint Box by attaching 4 D-rings to the lower edge, which allows me to strap it securely to the passenger seat of my motorcycle.  It’s a tall bike, so it’s a perfect height for working.  Just park, flip up the lid and paint!

As usual for the first excursion of the season, the painting itself is icky, so you don’t get to see a close-up! :)  But, it’s okay.  The point of sketching in the field, for me, is to force myself to be fully present and take in the scene with an artist’s eye and heart.  When I look at my crappy little field sketches later, the whole experience comes flooding back—how the light fell, the colors, the feel of the warm sun and cool wind on my face, how I was feeling that day—and that is what goes into a good studio painting, not getting the placement of every little shrub just right.


  1. I think your Honda easel is great. Nothing is really wasted is it. Ive done some nice studio work from the crummiest field studies. Im really intrigued with you combining your bike and painting. I do something similar. If you like you can check out my very neglected blog. neville

    • Wow! It’s great to find someone else doing the same thing. Looks like you’re also working with a guerilla paintbox, or something very similar. Too bad we’re on opposite sides of the globe. A paint-out on the bikes would be fun!

  2. A movie could be made Lynne, even a documentary. I have a 6×8 thumbox. Cost me an arm & leg to have it shipped down here from Judsons. There is nothing available in Aussie land like it in fact I drool over whats available for artists in your country. I do two or three long trips a year to western NSW where I grew up. Its very flat, but there are the most beautiful eucalypts along the rivers. Im still emotionally tied to this area.
    Would you like to see some pics neville

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