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Tiny fourth layer—the darkest shadows at the base of the pears and the stem on the pear in front.

Paint Shapes, Not “Things”

Want your paintings to look unified? It helps to combine “things” into larger shapes, and then use smaller shapes to (partially) separate them. Here’s an exercise to help you practice. First, set up a still life with a couple of simple objects. Avoid anything that has a lot of pattern, texture, reflections or complicated edges—you […]
One example of using the mandala template in this article.

New Watercolor Mandala Template

I know some of you enjoy using the templates I create for my Watercolor Prayer/Meditation Mandala Mini-Retreats. I created a new one that was very popular at the last mini-retreat, so I decided to share it with you here. This one has some larger open areas for you to add shapes, lettering or images of […]
Breakfast and Danny Gregory book.

My Three Go-To Blogs When I Need Inspiration

I’m not writing all this stuff in a vacuum.  Creative work needs rejuvenation and cross-fertilization. This week, I want to share with you three websites I seek out when I’m in need of creative inspiration. Colossal—Art, design, photography and more. This is a beautifully curated site showcasing amazing and innovative creative work across many fields […]
The tan color in the background of this painting was an accident, but the piece that resulted is one of my favorite paintings.

“No Mistakes” Art-Making

Do you ever make mistakes when you’re working in your journal? Or doodling? Ever put down a wobbly line? Smear some ink? Drip watercolor where you didn’t mean to? How does it make you feel? Perhaps a bit aggravated or disappointed? Do you ever want to tear a page out of your journal because it […]
Horse drawn with Paper by 53.

Digital Doodles

Before I get into today’s article, a little housekeeping. As you probably know, the 30-Doodles-in-30-Days Challenge is over, but the group wanted to continue receiving daily doodling suggestions. It turns out the easiest way to make sure people can get their doodling prompts in the event of an email glitch is to post them on […]
abstract gold and grey painting

Get Out of the Moment

Huh? Everything you read these days seems to extol the virtues of being “in the present moment”. I’m not questioning the value of being attentive, appreciative and aware. In fact, a few weeks ago, I suggested some ways to use art-making to deepen your appreciation for the beauty and wonder in your everyday routine and […]
glowing orange spiral on deep red background, painting by Lynne Baur

Spiral In, Spiral Out

The 30-Doodles-in-30-Days Challenge is drawing to a close, but one thing I have discovered is that everyone has enjoyed having a daily  doodling suggestion (a “prompt”) as a creative springboard. And seeing each other’s responses to the prompt sparks additional creative ideas and a sense of community. Several doodlers have joined our ranks in just […]