Artist Statement

Dawn, Hoffman HIlls

'Dawn, Hoffman HIlls", watercolor, 15x27

The silent anthem of dawn light . . .






"Amber Dragon"

"Amber Dragon", watercolor, 5x7"

the diamond net of a dragonfly’s wings . . .







"Camillia Shadows", watercolor, 16x16"

"Camillia Shadows", watercolor, 16x16"

the intricate weaving of color and shadow in the petal of a flower . . .



Encounters with nature heal, renew and energize us.  Sometimes I paint a recognizable scene or object; sometimes my work is more abstract, an interplay of the endlessly fascinating colors, forms and textures of nature.
But the real subject is the experience of re-connecting with the natural world.

My work invites you to stop for a moment . . . and breathe.

Turn your attention, for a moment, from the to-do lists and emails and projects at work, from all the concerns of daily life.

For a moment, feel your place in the wider web of the universe.   Tiny and brief our lives may be, yet when we stop and immerse ourselves in the experience of nature, we are reminded that we fit, we are part of it all.  All that natural beauty, all that immense power, all that delicate intricacy . . . it is in us, and we are of it, we belong.